Season 3 Extended

Harvest Festival [Extended]
It's make it or break it for the Parks Department at the Harvest Festival which is full of surprises.
Air Date March 17, 2011
Jerry's Painting [Extended]
Jerry’s contribution to Leslie’s community art show causes a stir. Ben moves in with April and Andy and attempts to teach them how to be adults. Meanwhile, Leslie is frustrated by Chris and his interoffice dating rules.
Air Date April 28, 2011
The Fight [Extended]
When Leslie tries to get Ann a job at city hall, her lukewarm reaction causes their first-ever fight. Tom invites the entire department to the Snakehole Lounge to help him promote his new alcohol, "Snake Juice."
Air Date May 12, 2011
Li'l Sebastian [Extended]
Leslie and the parks team put together a memorial service for a dearly departed friend. Meanwhile, Tom makes a big life decision, while Chris reacts badly to a health problem.
Air Date May 19, 2011